Long Hill, October 2020

Long Hill is at the TOP of my list of favorite places to spend an afternoon. The estate is filled with the most beautiful trees and plants (many of which are labeled), and is so lovingly cared for. On occasion we get to chat with the gardeners who share little tidbits about the history of some of the trees and plants. There are lovely ponds filled with fish and frogs, tunnels through the shrubbery, and picturesque trails through the woods. Our favorite spot is a lovely garden on one side of the house. The girls love to play hop scotch on the stone pavers, or to sit and read a good book on the benches. This particular garden gets the most gorgeous afternoon light, and it is my favorite place on the property to take pictures of the girls playing. My other favorite part of Long Hill is the enormous Beech tree in the center of the circular driveway. It is spectacular to say the least. This day in October was spent with my nephew and niece, and I love looking back on this beautiful Autumn day. These pictures were shot on my Nikon d610, and it was the first day I was trying out my 85mm lens!