My vibe, and what I will produce for you...

I love photographing the things that are personally meaningful to you and your family. It could be an afternoon at your home, an evening on the beach, a morning nature walk with your littles...anything that brings a smile to your face and a warm feeling to your heart. I have a very candid yet intentional style of shooting, and my true joy is in capturing the unposed connections during these shoots. My style is both romantic and moody, kind of earthy, full of light, shadows, and movement. I always love it when Nature plays a major role in the scenery! I am a bit of a romantic, with a soft spot for classic children's literature characters, and Jane Austin movies (if that gives you a sense of my aesthetic vision when I am looking through my lens)! I adore both color and black and white photography, and am endlessly inspired by art, nature and the world of storytelling.

For your photo session, I want to produce something so beautiful and meaningful for you, that your pictures end up framed on your walls. They will be there for your children to see as they grow and change. They will remember the family and the places that shaped them. I would be honored to document these days for you.

Which Session Is Best For You?

Children's Adventure Session

Outdoor portrait session of your children, in Nature, as they are. This session is intentionally guided by me the photographer, but your children set the pace. We will explore a picturesque setting and I will document the beautiful moments that occur during our time together. This session is ideally suited for children ages 3-8ish (old enough to wander and explore independently, but young enough to have a carefree inhibition around the camera). This session is for kiddos only. Sibling groups welcome!

Moments from Adventure Sessions

Children's Fine Art Portraits

I have a small portrait studio in my home that is set up to to take intentionally styled, fine art portraits of children individually. These are formal portraits (vs. my more natural/documentary approach with the outdoor adventure sessions). I give specific wardrobe styling advice for these sessions in order to achieve a timeless look. My editing style for these photos is very film-esque, with soft tones and dreamy light.

Motherhood Sessions

A time just for you Mama, and your little loves. This is different from a family session, in that the focus is on the beautiful interactions between a mother and her children. It's a bit more artistic, more whimsical, and quite magical in my opinion. These years are fleeting, and no one experiences these moments with your children quite like you do. Give your babies a tangible and timeless set of photos so they can see the beauty that lived between you.

Moments from Motherhood Sessions

Family Sessions

A time for parents and children to be photographed together. This session can take place at the beach, in the woods, at the park, or any other location that sparks joy for your family. The focus of these sessions is on the candid interactions. Posed family portraits will be prompted, but the unposed moments are my highest priority.

Moments from Family Sessions...