Sessions & Pricing

Children's Adventure Session

Children's Adventure Session

A fun & documentary style shoot, focusing on your children. Unposed for the most part, capturing the moments just as they are. This is what I love to do with my own children, and my favorite shots of them are from this type of shoot.

Starting at $350

Motherhood Session

Motherhood Session

A time for you Mama, and your little loves. Yes, this is different from a family session, in that the focus is on the beautiful interactions between a mother and her children. It's a bit more artistic, more whimsical, and quite magical in my opinion.


Family Session

Family Session

A full family session, documenting the love, laughter and connections.
Prompted group shots, as well as unprompted interactions, with the goal of preserving a beautiful moment in time for your family.

My Newest Offering!

Children's Fine Art Portraits

A petite, natural light studio portrait session, capturing timeless photographs of your child that you will treasure forever.

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Some thoughts and questions you may have about my sessions:

READY TO BOOK A SESSION, BUT NOT SURE WHICH SESSION BEST FITS YOUR NEEDS? If you are unsure about what type of session is best for your family, I am happy to schedule a brief phone call to go over the options. Please indicate that you would like to schedule a call when you fill out the contact form.

PRICING STRUCTURE: I have designed these sessions to make the most of your time and investment, based on the things that are most important to you. For some, getting a photo of your entire family may be what your heart desires, and for others, it's just about documenting those darling little baby teeth before they are gone. Some want a large gallery of images, while others know that they just need a small assortment of photos. Each session includes a certain number of edited images. If you end up wanting more images from your session, upgrades are available.

SESSION LOCATION: I live in Beverly, Massachusetts, and have a number of local spots on the Northshore of Boston that I love for sessions. I will give suggestions for your session location based on the information that you provide in the contact form. If you want me to travel 30 minutes beyond Beverly, there is a travel fee. When selecting locations for these sessions, I am always taking into account factors such as the ages of your children, accessibility for little ones, parking, restrooms, etc. A smooth photo session and happy participants always results in better images! Click HERE to see a list of some of my favorite locations!

WARDROBE: Spending a little time planning your wardrobe can have a big impact on the final results of your session. Click HERE to see a style guide I have put together with some helpful tips and suggestions. I am happy to give additional assistance with this, so feel free to reach out at any time before your session!

WEATHER AND BUGS! Weather blips and annoying insects come along with the beautiful Spring, Summer and Fall seasons here in New England. In addition to this, great photo spots are often crowded during perfect afternoons and evenings. If we are shooting at the beach, I always aim for a session during low tide to allow for more space and photo options. If it's a buggy location, certain times of the day are better than others. Sometimes, when shooting outside, we just have to deal with it, but a little planning can help to smooth out the blips. If the day of your session looks like it's going to be rainy, we will watch the forecast together and make a decision in the days leading up to your session. (Overcast skies are actually great for photos, so the day can often be salvaged as long as we don't get actual rain).

More FAQ's


Where do you shoot?

I have several favorite spots on the Northshore of Boston. I will give suggesions for your session location based on the vibe that you love (beach, woodland, urban, etc). If your shoot is beyond 30 minutes from Beverly, MA, an extra travel fee will be calculated.

How many photos will I receive?

Each session package comes with a set number of images that will be clearly specified in your contract. If you end up wanting more images from your session, you have the option to upgrade.

Can we bring extra family members?

If you want to include grandparents, cousins, etc, an additional fee will be calculated based on exactly what your session will involve. Extra participants mean you will most likely want more images and we may need more shooting time, so I will calculate this accordingly.

How long should we plan for our session to be?

Our shooting time will depend on what your family is up for. I typically shoot for 45-90 minutes, but adjust for attention spans, chasing the perfect light, weather, etc. Sometimes your child needs a few extra minutes to warm up to the camera, and I want to allow time to get everyone comfortable so that I can capture those golden moments!

What should we wear?

Strategically styled outfits do make a big difference in the outcome of your photos! When you book your session, I will send you a wardrobe styling guide that will give you suggestions about how to dress everyone. But please, do not stress if your child is just not having it on the day of your shoot! The clothing battle can be real, I get it! We will then just embrace who your child is at this moment in time, and that is something that you will chuckle about in years to come, I promise!

What if we need to reschedule?

Life is crazy. Things happen. Kids get sick. Weather in New England is often uncooperative! If you have a circumstance on your end that will prevent you from making it to your scheduled session, please just let me know as far in advance as possible. Your non-refundable deposit will be held for when we re-book your session. If we reschedule due to weather, I will do my best to fit you in again as soon as possible, but a certain timeframe is not guaranteed.

When will I receive my images, and what type of images will I receive?

Your edited photos are usually posted in an online gallery within 4 weeks of your session. I will give you advance notice if I anticipate this taking longer. You will receive high resolution digital downloads. These images are then yours to use as you wish!

Where do I print my images?

My current favorite online printing source is MPIX. There is often a new customer promo code that you can find online!

Do you offer other kinds of sessions such as headshots, branding, etc?

I occasionally offer other sessions if the project feels right for me, but my focus is mainly on childhood portrait and adventure sessions, motherhood sessions, and family sessions.

Can I request the raw files from my session?

The raw files are an unfinished piece of what I use to create your final images. My editing process is uniqueIy my own, and the raw files are an incomplete part of my creative process. Therefore, I do not ever give clients the raw files from a shoot. This is standard in the photography industry.