Wildflowers of Mine


[Field Notes]

These are my field notes, reflections on my own days spent with my wildflowers, Emilia (Emmy) and Olivia (Liv). We are two years into our homeschooling venture that began unexpectedly in 2020. Since 2013, I have worked as a floral artist in the wedding world (hence - the significant presence of flowers in my photos), and by night (aka every spare moment of my waking hours), I am completely enchanted by photography. I am also now TEACHER, and I'm surprised by how much I love this official role. This blog is my attempt to document our homeschooling journey and my love of photography. It is a place for me to hold this collection of memories. Please enjoy these little tidbits of our days. Do not think when looking at these images that our days float along peacefully without the occasional blip in the form of tired meltdowns, sibling disagreements, grumpy mornings, etc. I choose to share the beautiful moments, but I experience the real moments too. Sometimes I create little scenes for my daughters and their playmates that are extra meaningful and lend themselves to pretty pictures, and we spend a great deal of our time in beautiful locations. But there are many imperfect moments in the setting of our home that I also cherish, when no one is wearing a pretty dress, hair tangles abound, and breakfast dishes are still spread over the kitchen table at 3pm.

These are in essence, the stories of our days, told through pictures. I hope you get a chuckle now and then as you recognize a moment you may have shared with your own child, or perhaps something that gives you a sense of nostalgia about your own childhood.