Children's Adventure Session

So what exactly is a Children's Adventure Session? It is a specially designed, child-led session where I prompt your child (or children) to engage with me in exploring a picturesque setting (the beach, a park, a woodland trail, etc).  This session was designed to replicate the way that I take pictures of my own little ones. I find that children are much more relaxed when they are engaged with nature, or an activity, and I am then able to capture the most authentic and meaningful versions of them. These sessions have a very different feel from a typical family session. The pressure is off of you as the parent. No grabbing and holding and BEGGING your kids for one smile looking at the camera! It flows naturally, and gives a very different end result.

My goal in this session is to capture who your child is in THIS MOMENT. I want to document their expressions, their little hands, their smiles, them jumping into the air, them being silly, them being get the idea. I want you to walk away with a combination of portraits and more candid moments. These are the types of photos that I personally print and hang on my walls, because they best capture the essence of my children.

My recommendation is that these sessions are best suited for children between the ages of 3-8ish. Your child needs to be able to explore and wander somewhat independently of you, and to be open to simple directions and prompts that I will give them throughout the session. I have observed that when children reach the age of 7-8, they start to become more self conscious and aware of the camera, and they begin to loose the carefree mindset of a younger child. This doesn't mean that they can't enjoy having photos taken, but I feel that some of the "magic" of the younger years starts to disappear. If there are younger siblings involved in the shoot, this often draws out the older children in a very beautiful and tender way. If you are not sure if this session is a good fit for your child or children, I am happy to discuss it with you!

Pricing Structure

  • $350 ($150 non-refundable deposit required at booking)
  • 1 Child
  • 30-90 Minutes
  • 1 Location
  • 25 Edited High-Resolution Images In Online Gallery
  • Each additional sibling is $100, and you will receive an additional 25 images with each extra child. So for example, with 2 children you would receive 50 edited images and would pay $450.00.
  • You will receive your online gallery of images within 4 weeks of your shoot

Optional Package Upgrades:
25 additional images is an additional $200.00 (great value, at $8/image)
50 additional images is an additional $300.00 (best bang for your buck, at $6/image!)

Sample Children's Adventure Session